Our Mission
To cultivate for children a Christian environment where they can purposefully play, grow and discover the wonders of their world.

Our Vision

  • To honor our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ
  • To honor each child in their journey through childhood
  • To provide a developmentally sound curriculum that teaches children through purposeful play
  • To meet each child’s spiritual, physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs
  • To create in every child an ability to explore, question and be curious of the world around them
  • To help each child develop a respect for self, family, friends and the community they area part of


Noah’s Ark Preschool began with a small group of mother’s living in a small fishing village. This group of mother’s wanted a community where their children could gather together to grow academically and spiritually. A safe place for the children and their families. From this simple desire Noah’s Ark Preschool emerged. In 1975 the school was begun in the Sunday school classrooms of St. Andrew’s By-The-Sea Episcopal Church, as the first preschool in Destin, Florida.  

The heart’s desire of today’s mother’s in the community of Destin is still the same. Noah’s Ark Preschool continues to meet those original goals. The school provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum for academic growth and the spiritual foundation continues to teach the love and heart of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Community Involvement:

The community of Noah’s Ark is unified by our core values;

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Proper play based child development
  • Parental support
  • Outreach into the larger community

Community Outreach


Read our nondiscrimination and termination policies here.

I have had my daughter at Noah’s Ark for the past three years and plan on her attending through Pre-K 4. There is no hesitation of moving her to another preschool that has free services or “state mandated lesson plans.” I have actually done those programs with my older boys and actually see that my daughter is more head in her gross and fine motor development and school readiness than either or my boys were at this stage. In addition, the loving atmosphere centered around Christianity thrills me. I love hearing her sing her Chapel songs, talking about the silly Pastor and how she can’t wait to be a peacock with Mrs. Logan next year. I see such growth and independence in her! 

Katherine Loper, Mother to a Noah’s Ark Student