1. Do you provide hot meals for students? Noah’s Ark does not provide meals for the children. If lunch is a part of their day then they bring lunch from home. Lunches must be edible with warming. On the toddler program parents are asked to provide two snacks along with lunch for the morning and afternoon. In the preschool program snacks are a shared by a “snack friend” each day. Noah’s Ark does encourage healthy choices for lunches and snacks. Please see our¬†handbook for more details.

2. Is Noah’s ark a faith based program? Noah’s Ark is a faith based preschool. We believe in the infallible word of the Bible. Luke 2:52 teaches, “Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.” With this as our life verse weave biblical teachings into the fabric of how we teach, how we love the children and how we discipline. Chapel is a daily part of our preschool morning. Please see our handbook for more information.

3. What kind of security does the school have?
Our school is situated on 10 acres of property that is shared with Immanuel Anglican Church. The area is in a fairly secluded area that has little traffic outside of the school and church. This affords us a secure area where strangers are identifiable. We have a secured entrance that is accessible by those who have the correct code with the school office situated to view those who come and leave the entry area. We are also blessed to have the local police patrol cars enjoy our quiet area to park and eat lunch or take their breaks!