For our family Noahs Ark has been a blessing beyond measure. Although my husband attended as a small child years ago and assumed his children would follow as a mom I needed to feel in my heart it would be the right place for my babies. I’ll never forget going from place to place trying to find the perfect spot and leaving each one the same way, sitting in my car crying feeling like none were the right place for my child. I’ll also never forget the day I met Miss Charlene in Noahs Ark, I left that day and still got in my car and cried but because I was so relieved to have found the perfect place! It has been a wonderful experience for my children and for me as a mom. My heart is filled with joy watching them connect with and learn about Jesus in addition to the normal things they are learning. The staff at Noahs Ark has always been loving and caring and they make it easy to entrust your children to them, there’s definitely no question I made the right choice when I chose this wonderful school.
Christina Kilpatrick